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Austin Java
Score: 5 out of 5 cups


Austin Java is a cornerstone of Austin coffee shops. It has the classic Austin feel – pets outside, lots of flip-flops and weird hair styles, and water guns for folks to keep the random blackbirds off their table and food. Their internet is actually quite good. The coffee and breakfast are equally as awesome.

They have multiple locations, but we visited the original one on Barton Springs. The only downside to that location is the parking. They do have a parking garage in the back, though. We did have an issue leaving because apparently even though they will validate your parking for free, it’s only for a certain period of time, but one of the waitresses was nice enough to let us out (although I can think of worse things than being trapped at a coffee shop right next to a BBQ Brewpub).

Final countdown:
Outlets: many inside; there’s one on the patio but it’s too far away from the wireless router to get internet
Internet: Not too bad at 10.85 download; 1.01 upload on a moderately busy but not packed Friday afternoon; sometimes hard to get a signal on certain areas of the patio
Coffee: quite good; a lot of options
Atmosphere: fairly laid back, classic Austin. There is waitstaff, so if you’re not in a big tipping mood, maybe a plan a short day or go to another place, but if you do choose here, the waitstaff is awesome.
Snacks: Full breakfast and lunch menu plus smaller snack options
Hours: Monday – Thursday: 7am – 9pm
Friday: 7am – 10pm
Saturday: 8am – 10pm
Sunday: 8am – 9pm
Bonus: Patio is pet friendly

tl;dr: Coffee is good, internet is good, garage parking validated with purchase, some hipsters present.

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