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Epoch Coffee
5 out of 5 stars

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Epoch has been our default coffee shop for work days lately. Overall, it’s great! The coffee is really good. There’s a variety of seating – bar seating, couches, comfy chairs, and proper tables and chairs of various designs that are inside and out. The internet is great, too. The other nice thing about this place is that they have a separate router for the patio so you don’t have to worry about having a low signal if you want to sit outside with your dog. They also have a lot of power outlets inside and outside on the patios. When the temperature in Austin isn’t so cold it freezes your coffee or so hot it melts your skin, it’s really nice to sit on their patio and work. Did I mention some of the coffee is fancy?

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There are only two drawbacks of this place.  Because this place gets crazy busy at times, occasionally there are very few places to sit and zero parking (this happens more often in the evening than daytime it seems). There is more parking in the neighborhoods nearby, so there are options if you look around.  The other potential drawback is extremely minor. The neighbors across the street are a little strange. There’s a mannequin impaled on a pole in their front yard and a giant teddy bear head hanging from their porch. I’ve never asked.

Final countdown:
Outlets: Plenty inside and outside!
Internet: 37.17 download; 5.35 upload
Coffee: Really good with a lot of options
Atmosphere: Really relaxed; lots of studying and working; almost always busy
Snacks: Some pastry type treats are available but not a lot; they do have pizza!
Hours: 24 hours
Bonus: Pets welcome on the patios
Final rating: 5 out of 5 stars

tl;dr: Overall highly recommended! It’s a great place to get coffee and work, but be aware that parking is rough, seating in the evenings can be hard to find, and the neighbors are a bit odd.

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