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Our job is to take you from zero to MVP as quickly as possible.  Whether that means giving you a site designed to market your company or product, or that you’re looking to turn your startup idea into a reality, we will help you get positive cash flow quickly with the most features possible.

Give us a call today so we can show you why we’ll be the company you keep.

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A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.

Douglas Adams

Something to Believe In

Our eight guiding principles:

We do what's right by our clients

We put our clients first.  Always.  If a decision ever needs to be made between the happiness of our clients versus ourselves, we always give more weight to our clients.  That doesn’t mean you can walk all over us; if you try we’ll definitely rickroll you.

We burn bright and never fade away

We will always work hard to make your ideas happen, but when we’re done we’ll also stay in contact so you won’t be stuck without any support.  If you choose to bring on a full-time team, we’ll consider it a job well done and we will get the new team up to speed on logistics and design decisions so that they can hit the ground running.

We don't surprise our clients

From pricing to deliverables, our clients have access to the full picture of where their project is and what is coming up.  24/7/365  Need to chat with us?  We’re just a phone call away.

We deliver early and often

While developing software, rapid feedback is vitally important for keeping costs down, but it’s also important for keeping everyone on the same page.  We practice continuous deployment which means that not only are there fewer bugs, but divergences from what the client expects and what we’re delivering are caught early on when they can be corrected faster.

We talk to our clients in their terms

A lot of technical jargon is inherent in what we do; there’s no avoiding it.  It’s our responsibility to keep all of that from our clients.  We talk to them in terms they can relate to and that they use in their business every day.  It’s our job to learn their terminology, not the other way around.

We bill by the hour so you'll never feel stuck

We don’t do long-term contracts or NDAs or any other ridiculous stuff.  Our contracts last no more than 2-weeks at a time.  We’re honest and we’ve found that almost always, when you treat people fairly and honestly, they reciprocate.  And for those that don’t?  We have an amazing lawyer.

We turn our clients into our friends

We don’t do any traditional marketing.  We figure that if we’re doing our job right, our previous customers will do that for us; and for seven years, they have.  We wouldn’t be where we are without them supporting us.

We let our clients change their minds

We allow our clients to completely change their minds after each contract period, and since our contracts are never more than 2 weeks long, our clients have the utmost in freedom and flexibility.

Second Background Section

Twitter: thekompanee

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Our Services

A lot of firms try to be Jacks and Janes of all trades.  Unfortunately, for most people, their brains just can’t handle that level of programming diversity.  Most people can be masters of about three programming languages before their skill set starts to degrade.  The members of our team are either experts in PHP, Ruby or JavaScript.  Additionally, each member is also in an intimate relationship with HTML and CSS. <3 <3 <3

Client List

Our Clients

  • Spiceworks
  • Spredfast
  • Socialware
  • Catapult Systems
  • Sparksight
  • Trigger Point Performance Therapy
  • Kimbia
  • Chirrpy
  • My Tennis Lessons
  • MakerSquare
  • BridgingApss
  • Kerbey Lane Cafe
  • WP Engine
  • Easter Seals Greater Houston


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