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Austin Startup Week is a yearly extravaganza that will take place this year on October 6th and continue through October 10th. One of the more popular events is the Startup Crawl.  This is basically where the startup companies and other tech companies in the downtown area open their doors (with oftentimes loud music and kegs a-plenty inside) or set up booths at the Omni for the rest of the community and people interested in working in tech to come hang out, get to know folks and get information about the startups. It’s a great blend of Austin-y socializing and networking/business whatnots.

This year we’re going to have a booth set up in the Omni on the first floor during the Startup Crawl. If you’re looking to network with folks in the tech community or if you’re looking for a job in the Austin area, you should come to the Startup Crawl. There are also many other fun events going on during Startup Week that you should definitely check out (including the ATC Battle of the Tech Bands on the 6th).

Come stop by our table on the 9th and say hi! We’ll be the folks wearing black mechanic shirts.

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